Self Defense Classes – Best way to defend yourself from a choke attack


In this part series of our Self Defense Classes, we will talk about some martial arts techniques to survive a choke attack.

Martial arts were created to defend yourself from bad elements. A lot of these self defense classes are fun to use. Be it a kickboxing class, a karate class or other types of martial arts, but you need to use them in a real-life situation.

You have to know when to react and how to get out of that situation safely. You will learn some self-defense techniques from this part of our self defense classes to get out from a bad situation unharmed.


Choking Situation

self defense classes - choke defense
self defense classes – knee groin

Sometimes what happens is someone will try to choke you. That is a common thing that someone either trying to rob you or trying to hurt you. Or just want to do something bad to you. When a person will try to grab you around your neck, you must be prepared on what to do. What would do immediately is you have to start defending yourself by putting your shoulders up and elevate the choke a little bit. If the enemy grabs your neck it leaves an opening and he is only controlling a small part of your body. He’s not controlling your hips, he’s not controlling your body, he’s not control your legs, he’s just controlling your neck. So what you like to do is, you have to chop the arms to losses the choke a little bit and I’ll hit him with your knee to his groin.

This is one of the best techniques from the series of our self defense classes that you can do because he’s not going to think that you will hit him with a knee to his groin because I did something up to channel his energy and take his eyes away from what’s going happen below. Chop his arms and all you have to do is knee him in the groin. You have to get away as fast as possible. If you have to call 911, do that but get to safety first.

Other Techniques against Choke Attack

So we have tackled one technique to survive a choke. Chop his arms while he is holding your neck then knee him quickly to his groin. If it didn’t work, you need a Plan B. Your next step is you need to keep going. You have to be a little dirty when it comes to your street fights. If you are being choked, you have to push his face. Hit him in the face, poke them in the eyes, kick him in the throat or knee him in the stomach.

self defense classes - choke defense
self defense classes – eye poke

There are vital points that we look to aim at. We’re not looking to a mid groin we’re looking to stop the feet. We’re looking to hit the throat the eyes and the stomach. Those are my main areas we’re looking to attack. We want to hit him over and over until we think we’re free enough to get safe. Safe and away.

So if he’s choking you, you know eyes are some of the best thing to hit because if I poke him in the eyes, there is an immediate reaction. If he gets poked in his eyes, his hands will be removed to cover his eyes. And also, if he covers his eyes and then tries to choke you again, you have now the space and he can’t see where will you go. So you’re looking to leave him, he can’t chase right away because he can’t see things clearly.

So a little mentality you have to keep in mind is that you want to be brutal but you also want to get the hell out of there. You just want to get away to safety and call 911. You can also scream to someone to help you get out of there.

Women’s Self Defense Against Choke

self defense classes - choke defense
self defense classes – foot stomp

Another good technique from our self defense classes if you are a female is you have to use your heels to stomp and try to step right on his foot. Drive that heel right through his foot and try to hurt the guy.  This is your life you’re worrying about yourself so you have to keep mentally aware that you might get hurt. You might get injured in this but you have to get out of there. This is not about your hair is getting colder and this just get out and worry about it later. So he’s here he’s choking you, so stomp, knee, poke to the eyes, poke to the throat, elbow, punches,  just get out whatever you can do to get out. It is your life that you worried about. So just get out in any way you can.


Surprise and Sneak Attack

Alright, when someone attacks you, there a lot of times that they look into a surprise and sneak up attack behind you. So you’re not always going to see the person and you’re not always going to do the first technique. They always grab your neck from behind and a common way they do, most especially when they knew that you are a female or a kid walking home alone, they will choke you right from behind.

A lot of the same rules we may apply but we have to make sure we don’t get choked. When he puts the choke on you, you get shocked thinking who is trying to squeeze you. What are you going to do is you have to grab his hand. But you have to hit him with your elbows to his body from behind to stop the his feet movements. Then you want to get out of the choke by feeding hits of your elbows to his body.

self defense classes - choke defense
self defense classes – behind choke defense

When he felt some pain from your elbows, he loses his grasp on you and you can get a step out and you go for punches right to the groin. 

However, if you can get enough space from him after hitting him with some hard elbows, you can go apply some basic judo to throw the person down. And when the person is down the ground, it is a good time to do a little bit of damage by low kicks to his stomach or to his face. And then get on out, because you don’t want the person to follow you. You want to hit them but you also just want to get the hell out of there safely.


Alright so let’s recap the self-defense technique from this series of our self defense classes. So someone comes at you and they grab you around the throat and I guess that you want to elevate the choke first. Lift your shoulders up and chop the arms and try to make the choke a little less strong. Little less violent knee to the groin like we have learned, the person is choking like his whole body is open. Neither the groin stomp to the feet, punch to the stomach and then when you get out, be active with your hands punching his face, hit the throat, poke the eyes or whatever you have to do to the person and get away to safety and call for help, call 911 or whatever you have to do to be safe.

When someone chokes you, you should have your shoulders up, grab the hands and the start moving hitting him with your elbow. Stopping the feet by stomping on it and punching the groins. You have to be active. Don’t just think that only one technique is enough. You have to fight this for your life and in this fight, you should also get out at the same time.  When you got yourself out, try to get help and try to go to safety immediately.

Safe and Secured

Alright, those are some self-defense techniques for you. Make sure you practice these and safety is very important. Let ladies carry a pepper spray, let people know where you are going. If you’re walking through a parking lot, take the most well-lit route. Don’t go to the darker places because these places are dangerous to lone walkers. No rush to get anywhere, sometimes just make sure you are careful and you’ll live longer.

See full video lesson from mma surge channel.


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