Self Defense Classes – Best types of martial arts to which you should enroll to defend yourself in a street fight.

A lot of us want to get into martial arts but we don’t know what kind self defense classes we should enroll. So we’re going to break down individual types of martial arts and we will tackle this before we start with our different self defense classes. We will talk about the benefits of each of them.


Boxing Classes

In our first list of self defense classes, we’re going to start with boxing. Boxing is all about punches for its offense. In a street fighting, your most common weapon is your fist. So boxing is going to go over all with punches.

self defense classes - boxing classes
boxing classes

So if you enroll in boxing classes, you will learn how to throw proper punches but it’s also going to teach you the defense. To how to react accordingly when punches coming in show. You will know how to slip, how to move a good footwork when rolling on your punches and blocking punches. So if you really want to focus on that stuff and you fight with your hands, boxing is the way to go.

Kickboxing Classes and Muay Thai

self defense classes - kickboxing class
kickboxing classes

In Boxing Classes we learned about punching, dodging, blocking and foot works. But the Kickboxing and Muay Thai types of martial arts are high leveled boxing category in which it allows several hitting strategies. We will differentiate Kickboxing from Muay Thai first. Kickboxing is a native for American in which it only allows punching and kicking above the waist line just like in boxing. But Muay Thai in the other hand, it is a native type of martial arts from Thailand. Muay Thai allows hitting below the waist (belt) as long as it doesn’t hit the groins.

The well-rounded self defense classes in these identical types of martial arts will going to teach you with kicks, knees, elbows and the clinch, which is really important in a fight. When you clinched with someone, the referee breaks it up almost immediately. But in a street fight, when you clenched, there is no referee to break it up. So this is why they teach you with the elbows, they teach you how to spin, sweep, knee to the body, pull the head down and knee to the face.

BJJ GI or No GI Classes

In a tight close combat quarters of grappling, we’re going tackle about brazilian jiu-jitsu GI (BJJ) or with no GI. BJJ GI is jiu-jitsu martial arts type that teaches

self defense classes - bjj gi
bjj gi

you grappling techniques with GI’s or the kimono. Meaning, you will be taught about how to fight with your enemy in GI uniform or Kimono. While with BJJ no GI, you will learn grappling without depending on GI uniform or Kimono. So a lot of times in a street fight you’ll get pulled down to the ground and its ground fighting. You have to know how to defend yourself on the ground. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is barred on the best that you can learn for ground defense so you’re going to be learning how to choke people out. How to defend against chokes and you will also learn how to fight off your back and sweep people. You know how to flip them over so that you are on top and you are in a more dominant position.

Traditional Wrestling Classes

self defense classes - wrestling classes
wrestling classes

The only thing about street fighting is you have to know that you never want to go to the ground because if there are more enemies around, they can stomp in your head and that can cause too much disadvantage to you. So the next martial art that we are going to talk is about the traditional wrestling. You can just join your high school wrestling club or just find a club wrestling team near you. This way, you can learn how to defend against take downs or how to take people down. On top of that, you must know that strength and body conditioning is a must. You know the people who wrestlers are tremendous athlete. So must to be in in tip-top shape so that you have high endurance. You’re gonna be able to take people down at will or you’re going to be able to defend against take down. So wrestling is another great grappling art to learn for street fight.

Karate Classes with Kali and Krav Maga

self defense classes - karate classes
karate classes with kali and krav maga

When we heard about self defense classes, we consider karate as the most common type or martial arts. Learning about other militaristic real life martial arts like Kali and Krav Maga is very important most especially when you are dealing with enemies with weapons like knives and guns. Like what we have known, in a street fighting there are times that enemies have something with them as weapons. Out in the street there has to be bats, knives and guns. Karate classes with Kali and Krav Maga will going to teach you how to disarm someone. How to deal with an armed opponent or someone that comes up with a gun or someone who puts a knife to your throat.


You want to be safe so you have to be well-rounded and be in a tip-top shape. You want to be confident and you want to know how to defend yourself. So it is recommended that you enroll into the different types of martial arts that are available in any martial arts gym near you. Although there are many types of martial arts but all of this stuff teaches the same principle which is discipline and respect. Remember that It’s not about what kind MMA training or MMA Classes you should enroll into. But it’s all about how effective this type of self defense classes to you.


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